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RISE Mentoring & MHS After-School Program


REALIZATION.  The first point of “action” for The RISE After School & Mentoring Program at Middletown High School is taking a genuine interest in the lives, direction, and futures of our students.  Through support and encouragement in social and emotional development opportunities, students realize their greatest potential when they are inspired to RISE.

EDUCATION.  Project Based Learning centered on real life student driven situations, help develop their ability to network and build assets using soft skills, critical thinking, and problem solving.

BUSINESS.  The Navigo partnership is a new introduction to the Middletown Community. Recruited mentors & coaches from local businesses help uncover student’s area of interest, talents, and passions for possible career choices. Using a proprietary and customized curriculum, the Navigo coaches help empower students and families to map out three realistic options for college and/or career.

COMMUNITY.  The Rise Mentoring provides One to One mentoring, Group Mentoring, and Lunch and Learns opportunities. These programs match students with older peers, community leaders, business owners, advanced professionals, and civil servants. These mentors meet with students to provide social and emotional support as well as an ear to listen.

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Copyright 2017 Community Building Institute of Middletown.
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