Parent Resource Center

Free Baby Essentials. The PRC is the go-to place for families to access resources. The PRC provides families free baby essentials such as diapers, wipes and formula.  By providing these needed essentials, parents also receive information about the importance of their children’s early education. We offer on-site programs that provide opportunities for families to help their child be prepared to enter kindergarten as well as opportunities to get connected to existing quality pre-k programs.


    Resources for the Family. But that is not all we offer at the PRC!  We also provide access to many community resources that assist parents with stresses and challenges that can keep us from being fully present with our young children.  Our belief is that as parents receive the needed resources they become more confident in managing their households, finances, relationships and other aspects of their lives, and are able to focus more on their young children. We can provide assistance with resources such as: 

    • Utility, Housing and Food Assistance
    • Adult High School Equivalency and English as a Second Language
    • Career Exploration
    • Temporary and Permanent Job Placements
    • Childcare
    • Personal Finances & Budgeting
    • Transportation
    • Chemical and Alcohol Counseling