At the Back to School Fair, we gave away 700 free backpacks stuffed with school supplies to the families here in Middletown. Here is what they had to say about this: 

“The backpacks make life so much easier. I have three kids that go through them like crazy and it is hard to afford new ones every time one breaks.” Ladeidra, children ages 5, 5, and 7


“The kids getting free backpacks filled with school supplies means they come to school prepared and ready to learn. They have feel more confident when they have the supplies they need, instead of feeling insecure because they are not ready for the school year.” Michelle Puckett teacher at Miller Ridge.

“I do not have a job right now so affording school supplies for all seven of my children is really hard. Without this fair and the free backpacks, my children would not have any supplies for school. I really appreciate that you held this fair so my children can be ready for school.” Kelly 7 children.

“My mother just inherited my niece and nephew after their mother passed away. She has nothing to send the children back to school with since she was not expecting to be taking her grandchildren in. These backpacks are making her life and the children’s lives much easier and without them the kids would have nothing to take to school on the first day.” Ashley, one 5-year-old son


“These backpacks mean a lot to me and my family. I have three kids that I would not be able to afford backpacks and school supplies for.” Diana mother of three ages 5, 6, and 7