“Community Building Institute Receives $9,000.00 Grant from Moon & Adrion Insurance and Westfield Insurance Foundation”  

The Community Building Institute Middletown, Inc. (CBI) received a grant from Moon & Adrion Insurance Agency and Westfield Insurance Foundation to help the Middletown High School Future Center as part of the Westfield Legacy of Caring program. The Future Center is a partnership between CBI Middltown and Middletown Promise and assists high school students to create post-graduation goals, whether those goals are to enter post-secondary education, the military or the workforce. Once those goals are set the Future Center Coaches works as coaches and advocates to remove any roadblocks and provide resources for that student to achieve their goals. The Future Center also, matches students to community mentors to further encourage the students in their post-graduation path. “Through the support from the Westfield Insurance Foundation and Moon & Adrion we can increase our efforts toward empowering students to take ownership of their future by creating a post-graduation plan for college, trade school, military or workforce .” said Karin Maney, Executive Director.

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