The P.R.I.D.E. Academy at Wildwood and Rosa Park elementary schools were pleased and honored to receive a visit from from former NFL defensive line man, Jimmie Bell. Jimme Bell is an associate of Sports World, Inc., an agency that employs former professional athletes to inspire kids to make good choices in their lives and build for the future.

During his visit, Mr. Bell told the students to believe in themselves and their abilities to accomplish their dreams. He said, “Every day, I think about what kind of a legacy I will leave when I die. Life circumstances were rough for me growing up and my life had become one obstacle after another. However, through a personal relationship with God, I have found hope. My choices may have not always been the best or right, but God has helped me through. My prayer is that I will be remembered not for what I have done, but how through my relationship with God, I was able to overcome life’s challenges and thrive.”

Check out some photos of his visit below, as well as some stats about his career in both university and professional sports. You can also learn more about Sports World, Inc. by visiting their website.

Jimmie Bell

Height: 6’6”        Weight: 265 lbs

Position: Defensive Line

College: The Ohio State University

Honors: Rose Bowl Champion: Ohio State University 1997; Two-time Big Ten Champion

Pro Career: New York Giants 1999; Frankfurt Galaxy 2000; Berlin Thunder 2000; San Diego Chargers 2000